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The OCD & Anxiety Center of Cleveland provides therapy for anxiety disorders in children, teens, and adults. Jonah Lakin PsyD is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), panic disorder, phobia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), social anxiety disorder/social phobia, agoraphobia, emetophobia (fear of vomiting), illness anxiety disorder, trichotillomania (hair pulling), & excoriation (skin-picking).

OCD & Anxiety Center of Cleveland blog about anxiety treatment

Anxiety Blog. Describes CBT principles involved in treatment for anxiety disorders in children and adults. Conditions discussed include: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), panic disorder, phobia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD),  social anxiety disorder/social phobia, agoraphobia, emetophobia (fear of vomiting), illness anxiety disorder, trichotillomania (hair pulling), & excoriation (skin-picking).

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What OCD doesn't want you to know: A client's journey to what was long thought to be impossible

Jonah Lakin PsyD

If you're reading this, it's nearly a guarantee that you've heard the name OCD before and this is most likely a daily war for you. You take advantage of and cherish the symptom free moments, as you know they are short lived, only to be once again crushed underfoot by OCD. You may feel very isolated and misunderstood, feeling that you're on an island where no one can possible grasp what is happening to you, although it is estimated that 1 in every 40 people or 2% of the world population struggle with this diagnosis. This puts you in an emotionally charged situation where you reach out for the only thing that you know that "works" for you: rituals and compulsions to ease your anxiety in the moment you need it most, only to know that another dose is shortly coming. If anything that I say resembles your daily life, please be encouraged to know that you a new life is possible. One you may never have imagined.

I was diagnosed with OCD at age 13. By the time that I sought treatment by Dr. Lakin I was in the midst of my 22nd year of "living" with OCD. When I came to see him I had exhausted all avenues of treatment methods, with the exception of Exposure and Response Prevention. After 5 months of learning and applying ERP techniques by Dr. Lakin, I was able to attain a life I never thought possible. I was shown the horizon of freedom from the depths of OCD. Exposure and Response Prevention is extremely effective. This aggressive treatment requires patience, courage, support, self discipline, self-accountability and the strong desire to rid yourself of misery. Although you may not see it, recovery is possible. Life is possible. Hope exists. What do you have to lose?

This blog post was written by a former client of the OCD & Anxiety Center of Cleveland. They wanted to share their story to be an advocate for those with OCD and in the hopes that others might realize that they are not alone and help is available. During the course of our treatment, this individual also said some notable things to me that I’m sharing here as I thought they may resonate with others.

“Absolute certainty is too expensive”

“My brain is like a search engine for worry”

“OCD is the only condition that will make you feel guilty for getting better.”

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